What Are The Effects Of Laundering On The Longevity And Effectiveness Of Silk Pillowcases?

When it comes to the choice of pillowcases, there is no doubt that silk pillowcases are a preferred choice not just for the luxury look but also because of the benefits it offers to the hair and skin. It has been proven that the use of silk pillowcases can help hydrate your skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. In addition, the hair experts have also elaborated on its role in the retention of hair growth, reduction of frizz by keeping the hair moisturized and preventing dryness.

Based on this recommendation of beauty and hair experts, it is commonplace to find silk pillowcases in the homes of various people. How long should you use a silk pillowcase, and how does washing affect the quality of the pillowcase and its effectiveness in the long run?  This article takes a look at this and shares with you common type tips for maintaining silk pillowcases for longer periods and signs to know when you should discard your silk pillowcase.

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Silk Supremacy

The beauty of silk pillowcases to prevent your hair from breakage and preserve it from other kinds of damage is rooted in the nature of the fabric, which is usually smooth and shiny and prevents snagging of your hair onto the pillowcase. The silky feel of the pillowcase works in a way that prevents your hair moisture from being lost to the public as opposed to any other kind of materials used for your pillowcases, such as cotton.

How Long Can Your Silk Pillowcase Last?

Unlike any other conventional product, they may not necessarily be an expiry date for your silk pillowcase. But you might notice that with the length of time it has been used, you start to see a reduction in the sheen of the pillowcase. This reduction in sheen is an indicator of how long the silk pillowcase has been in use.

One important thing you should bear in mind as with the reduction in the shine and texture integrity of the silk pillowcase, there is a reduction in its efficiency in fulfilling the needs to protect your face and hair. Typically you should be able to use your silk pillowcase for a year or two. This is only if you employ adequate methods in maintaining and laundering the pillowcases.

What Effect Does Washing Have On A Silk Pillowcase?

Owing to the delicate nature of the silk material, it is important to know the effects of washing on your silk pillowcase. Washing silk material should be done gently with only the best of the mild detergent and washing agents as the use of highly acidic or highly alkaline detergents has a detrimental effect on the silk material and would cause it to lose its integrity over time, thereby reducing the effectiveness of the pillowcase.

Generally, there are precautions to follow when laundering your silk pillowcase to ensure its longevity and preserve its integrity. Please click here for more info <How to wash silk>

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Ways To Maintain Your Silk Pillowcase?

To ensure that your silk pillowcase lasts long enough to serve its purpose, keep the following points in mind when laundering. It is crucial for you to know to choose a good detergent with a mild effect when washing. Essentially, laundering silk should be done with particular care to enable it to last longer for the purpose you want it to serve.

Ensure that you do not frequently wash silk with hot water, as this can cause the fabric to weaken over time. After washing, your silk pillowcases should be left air dry and should be prevented from direct exposure to sunlight.

Although Silk pillowcases can be washed using a washing machine, it is advised that you use handwashing to ensure that you deliver a soft and easy washing process as compared to the rigorous washing form that may be obtained when you use a washing machine.

In most cases ironing the pillowcase is not necessary, but if you need to do this, use only minimal heat and turn the pillowcase inside out when you intend to iron it. This is to ensure that the main surface which delivers its functions is not compromised by the excessive heat of the iron.

Never use bleach on your silk fabric, as it can significantly damage the integrity and make it prone to tearing. Do not wash your silk pillowcase in the same bowl with heavy or abrasive materials. It is encouraged that you wash it separately or with similar silk fabrics.

Do not excessively twist or wrangle your silk material in a bid to get the water drained out of it; this could be damaging to the fabric. Rather you should squeeze gently to take out all the water from it. Placing your silk pillowcase in a dryer is headway to possible damage to the fabric and should never be done. If your silk pillowcase is not currently in use, store it in cool and dry conditions.

Maintain Your Silk Pillowcase

Signs That You Need To Change Your Pillowcase

A flailing silk pillowcase can be identified by the peeling of the fabric or excessive loss of its sheen and smooth texture. All these, in addition to irreparable tears or separation in fabric threads, are signs that you need to acquire a new one.

In Conclusion

Silk is a very delicate material that needs special care, and the duration with which you can be served by your silk pillowcase is dependent on the amount of care you put into it and your laundering practices. If you want your pillowcase to last for as long as forever, try to adopt the above caution mentioned while laundering so you can perfectly enjoy all the skin and hair benefits offered by this beautiful fabric.



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