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How Can A Silk Eye Mask Help You Sleep And Relax Well?

If you are not sleeping well, it might be because of your environment. Light can keep you awake at night, especially if it’s the wrong kind of light that you don’t think about, like your smartphone or computer screen. You need to cut yourself off from these nighttime distractions and focus on relaxing instead to get better sleep. A silk eye mask can help you relax by blocking light and reducing stress-induced insomnia caused by exposure to digital screens late at night. Here are five surprising ways that wearing a silk eye mask while you sleep can help you sleep better.

What is a silk eye mask?

A silk eye mask is a loose, usually one-size-fits-all cover for your eyes, usually made from 100% pure mulberry silk. The fabric around your eyes is naturally thinner than anywhere else on your body, and the regular fabric doesn’t quite give you enough comfort to create a relaxed environment. However, a high-quality silk mask will be highly breathable and won’t dry out your skin or irritate it in any way. For those who live in warmer climates or tend to be hot sleepers, they’re also an awesome way to keep sweat from dripping down into your eyes and disrupting what could otherwise be a peaceful night of rest.

How Can A Silk Eye Mask Help You Sleep And Relax Well?

1) Helps Reduce Light Exposure

The best way to get a good night’s rest is by limiting light exposure before bed. Light from electronic devices stimulates your brain and makes it harder to fall asleep, but using something as simple as a silk eyemask can make a huge difference. Research shows that participants who used a silk eyemask during their first 2 hours of sleep took longer to reach their threshold for awakening than those who didn’t wear one. So, if you’re struggling with insomnia or lack of sleep, try wearing a silk eyemask for two hours before bedtime; it may just be what you need to unwind and enjoy 7-8 hours of undisturbed slumber.

2) Wear While Reading In Bed

If reading in bed is an indulgence that’s hard to give up, then try adding some extra comfort to your routine. Silk night masks are light and soft on your skin but still effective at blocking out light. They’re comfortable to wear while reading or watching TV in bed—so they’ll also help your eyes relax without feeling too heavy or strained, which can cause blurry vision or even headaches. Consider slipping one on every night before you get into bed for relaxing, good-night naps.

3) Use As a Neck Pillow

The idea of sleeping with a neck pillow sounds quite uncomfortable, but many people swear by them. Silk eye masks are particularly great for sensitive skin or allergies as they won’t give you that itchy feeling some pillows do. Plus, they’re more comfortable than most as they can conform to your face better. If you have back issues, using your silk eye mask as a headrest might make sleeping on your side easier too. When worn around your eyes, these masks will also block out all light. This helps trick your brain into thinking it’s dark and sends calming signals down to your pineal gland (the part of our brains responsible for regulating our circadian rhythms). This shift in body chemistry can induce deeper REM cycles, ultimately improving the quantity and quality of sleep you get.

4) Use When Meditating

While meditating, it’s common to experience mind chatter. The soothing nature of silk may reduce distracting sounds, making your meditation time more effective. You might feel compelled to jot down these distractions or thoughts. However, doing so could make it harder for you to focus on your breathing. With its calming properties, gently pressing your face against silk may lessen these urges while also helping keep your eyes shut. If you are new to meditation or are struggling with falling asleep, consider purchasing a pair of nice silk pillowslips or facecloths instead of an eye mask that features color blocking or embroidery threads that could be uncomfortable if pressed up against your face.

5) Keep In Car For Sudden Sleepiness On Long Drives

If you find yourself falling asleep at red lights or during boring road trips, then it’s time to invest in a silk eye mask. You might laugh about it, but falling asleep at the wheel is no joke. For example, do you know how much nodding off while driving increases your chances of accident involvement? Falling asleep while driving increases your risk of crashing by four times. This means that wearing a silk eyemask to block out light from other vehicles or streetlights will make it easier for you to stay awake on long car rides and keep both you and others safe. Studies have shown that wearing a sleep mask can make all-night drives significantly more bearable.


We live in a busy world. We work hard, and we don’t have much time to pamper ourselves. But when it comes to getting a good night’s rest, that’s one thing you simply cannot overlook. Your eyes need just as much attention as your body when it comes to quality sleep, but since they are nearly impossible to cover up when they get too dry, puffy, or bloodshot from all of your daily activities, they need just as much love. Try using a silk eye mask today. 



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