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How does silk help your skin?

To say that silk does wonders on the skin is an understatement. This unique material can be described as an affordable luxury used in making various types of pillowcase and bedspread. 

Due to its hydrating benefit, silk pillowcases are increasingly preferred over cotton, especially for people with dry, flaky and sensitive skin. With silk pillowcases, you are bound to get better-hydrated skin without wrinkles. 

This article takes a detailed look at how silk helps the skin. Read to find out more. 

What is a silk pillowcase?

According to research, one of the secrets to achieving glowing and youthful skin is opting for a silk pillowcase. Dermatologist Jennifer Peterson, MD., states that silk is particularly good for the skin because it retains moisture. As a result, silk pillowcases can help keep the skin hydrated due to the tightly woven fibres of the fabric.

How does silk help the skin?

  • Beneficial to people with sensitive skin: Persons with sensitive skin will particularly benefit from using a silk pillowcase. This is due to the moisture-retaining properties of the fabric. In addition, people with sensitive skin can also benefit from a particular type of European silk, Dermasilk, known for its antimicrobial properties.
  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic: One core benefit of silk to the skin is that it is naturally hypoallergenic. This means that it can significantly reduce the rate of irritations and flare-ups. Silk allergies are infrequent, even in people with sensitive skins. Since the skin doesn’t have to combat allergies, it maintains optimal health and stays glowing.
  • Temperature-regulating features of silk: Silk acts as a natural temperature regulator, and this feature offers a unique benefit to the skin. This is especially true when silk sheets are used. Persons that experience hot flashes benefit the most from the temperature-regulating features of silk. 
  • Impressive antiwrinkle effect: Wrinkles are natural and almost impossible to prevent. Still, measures can be taken to reduce the rate of development. Sleeping on silk sheets and pillowcases reduces wrinkles due to the hydration effect of silk and its smooth fabric. 
  • Silk reduces symptoms of vaginal yeast infections: Silk is hypoallergenic and has cooling effects. Silk helps to reduce the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections, which are redness and itching. Persons that experience recurrent vaginal yeast infection can benefit from these features of silk.
  • Promotes hair growth: Sleeping on silk beddings keep the hair soft and moisturized, just like it does to the skin. Switching cotton sheets and pillowcases for silk will do a lot of good for your hair, just as it does for the skin. 
  • Improves sleep quality: It has been well established that beddings influence the quality of sleep. Silk is a luxury item, and sleeping on silk pillowcases and sheets offers an amazing experience. Your hair and face lay on the beddings seamlessly as you drift into good quality sleep. The silk beddings also help to regulate the temperature and abate allergies. By giving you a good sleep every night, silk helps to keep your skin healthy and boost your productivity across every aspect of life.


No doubt, silk beddings offers great benefits on the skin. It improves sleep quality, reduces vaginal yeast infection, increases hair growth and has an impressive antiwrinkle effect. This leaves you with the beautiful and young skin. Give it a trial. 



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