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How to Wash Silk?

For Hand wash which is always the best and safest method for washing particularly delicate items like silk:

Step1. Fill a basin with <= lukewarm water 30°C/86°F.

Step2. Add a few drops of special detergent.

Step3. Let the garment soak for three minutes.

Step4. Agitate the delicates around in the water.

Step5. Rinse the silk item <= lukewarm water (30℃/86°F).

Step6. Use a towel to soak up water after the wash.

Step7. Do Not Tumble Dry. Hang the garment to dry. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

For machine wash, there is more risk involved, and certain precautions must be taken to minimize them:

Step1. Sort the laundry.

Step2. Use a protective mesh bag. Turn your silk item inside out and place it in a delicates mesh bag to avoid the shearing and tearing of silk fibers.

Step3. Add the proper amount of neutral or special detergent for silk to the machine.

Step4. Start a delicate cycle.

Step5. Minimize spin time. Spinning can be very dangerous for silk fabric as the forces involved can shear weaker silk fibers.

Step6. Use a towel to soak up water after the wash.

Step7. Do Not Tumble Dry. Hang item or lay flat to dry. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

How to Iron Silk?

Step1. Prep the Fabric.

The fabric must always be damp when ironing. Keep a spray bottle handy and consider ironing the garment immediately after it’s been hand-washed. Turn the garment inside out while ironing.

Step2. Focus on Steam, Not Heat.

It’s crucial that you use the lowest heat setting on your iron. Many irons have an actual silk setting, in which case this is the best way to go. Simply lay the garment flat on the ironing board, place the press cloth on top, and then iron. You can also use a handkerchief, pillowcase, or hand towel instead of a press cloth.

Step3. Pressing vs.Ironing.

Minimize ironing back and forth. When ironing silk, focus on key areas of wrinkling. Gently press downward through the press cloth. Lift the iron, allow the area to briefly cool, and then repeat on another section of fabric. Minimizing the length of time the iron is in contact with the fabric (even with the press cloth) will prevent the silk from burning.

Step4. Avoid Further Wrinkling.

During ironing, make sure that each section of fabric is laid perfectly flat. Also, ensure that the garment is taut to avoid creating new wrinkles. Before taking your clothing off the board, make sure that it’s cool and dry. This will help your hard work pay off in smooth, wrinkle-free silk.



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