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Hello, I’m Echo Xu, The Production Manager Of Wonderful Silk

I have been in the textile area for more than 15 years and I will share you some of the valuable

Information, my experience and my insights in this area. Which should help you the purchase from China.

Know More About Me

I was born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, growing up just like other kids. I finished primary school, middle school, high school and then I was at college. I graduated in 2005, then I entered the first company, which produces silk fabric. I have learned well about silk fabric during that time. How do silk fabric come from and how to dye the color etc.

Enjoy Fun

I worked very hard but I also enjoy life, like traveling, each year I will choose some places to travel to explore different places and meet all kinds of people. Normally I will go with my friends, my family, but sometimes I will go alone. I have been to the USA, Germany, Thailand, etc. That is really a different experience when you travel and you can make new friends.

echo like sports

Like Sports

I like sports to keep fit. I go to the gym 3 days each week, and I like running, swimming. Life lies in sports.

Other Skills

Besides, I can cook Chinese food very well. Now I cook for my family every day and I cook for my friends for the party. They enjoy it a lot and I am also happy.

My Work Stories

I am now quite confident about my work since I was learning from the workshop. I have been learning in fabric workshops, production workshops, package workshops. I am sure I can help you with a lot of valuable information. There is one story from one of our customers. They have met the problem about the fabric color fade, it’s for the deep color eye mask and the pillowcase. (black and red color ) The deep color is easy to color fade. Then I worked on this problem. I have called the SGS dept to ask this problem why the deep color fabric easy to a color run, finally we found the problem. It’s because of dyestuff quality, some of the fabric manufacturers use the bad quality dyestuff, finally, we have solved this problem and we get a test report from SGS to prove that fabric from wonderful silk will not be color fade.

I will share topics ranges from fabric thickness, dyes, fabric quality, certification, manufacturing. As long as you are interested, you can reach me.

I also source and study the latest style of eye mask, pillowcase, sleepwear, bonnet, etc. And make out improved samples with our design dept and test it helping our sales group new products and keep competitive.

I am keen on learning as many skills about our products and to help service the customer well.

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