What does 6A mean for 100% mulberry silk fabric?

At the moment, there are so many companies offering different types of silk products. While a few of them provide information about these products, others choose to hide them from the public. However, when buying a silk fabric, it is vital to understand the type and quality of silk product you are opting for. This article takes a look at what 6A means for a 100% mulberry silk fabric.

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What is 100% Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry Silk is created by the silk that feeds on mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is the best silk product to buy for textile purposes. When a silk product is labeled 100% Mulberry silk, it implies that the product contains only Mulberry silk. It is vital to take note of this because so many companies now offer a blend of Mulberry silk and other cheap products. A 100% mulberry silk is soft, durable, and offers incredible benefits to the hair and skin. It also helps to improve sleep quality than other cheaper silk fabrics you will find out there. 

What does 6A mean for 100% mulberry silk fabric?

Usually, silk products are graded on A, B, C. While Grade A is the finest of them all with the highest quality, Grade C is the lowest. Grade A silk is very pure; it can be unraveled to a great length without breaking. 

Similarly, silk products are also graded in numbers which takes the grading system a step further.

For instance, you can have 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A. 

6A is the highest and the finest quality silk. This implies that when you see a silk product graded 6A, it is the highest quality of that type of silk.

In addition, silk with Grade 6A costs more due to its quality than those from grade 5A silk. This means that a silk pillowcase made from Grade 6A silk will cost more because of the better quality silk used than a pillowcase made from Grade 5A silk.

Why buy a 6A 100% Mulberry Pillowcase?

When buying a silk pillowcase, it is vital to opt for a 6A 100% pure mulberry silk. This is the finest silk you will find out there. They are smoother, stronger, and uniformly colored than any other variety of silk. It is also friction-free and helps eliminate bed frizz, sleep wrinkles while allowing the skin and hair to retain their moisture while you take a nap. These types of silk products are also coated with sericin, a protein that makes them resistant to fungal and bacteria, mold, and dust mites. 


Buying a 6A 100% Mulberry pillowcase might be expensive, but it is a great investment in your overall wellness, skin, and hair in general. When choosing a silk pillowcase, you must have a great understanding of what the manufacturers say in their product description. Ensure that you are only opting for a 6A 1005 mulberry silk product that has the finest quality material. 



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