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What Are The Differences Between Poly Satin Pajamas And Silk Mulberry Pajamas?

At the moment, so many people can’t tell the difference between silk mulberry pajamas and poly satin pajamas. This is due to their similarities in texture and kinds. If you are in this situation, you are not alone:

Consider this:

Sophia is in a clothing store where different types of pajamas are sold. She is just as confused as a girl whose boyfriend stood up on a date. Should we tell you why Sophia is confused?  

Well, she wants to pick pajamas for a sexy valentine’s day. So she needs comfy, soft pajamas, won’t shrink in the wash, don’t show stain, and one that is of decent quality.  

In Sophia’s technical way, she simply needs pajamas that would help her slide to smother, archangelic, skigrammic night rest. But, if you are like Sophia, you must not worry. All you need to do is just absorb the information on this article.  

What Is Silk Fabric? 

First discovered 8500 years ago in ancient China. Silk has been a luxurious piece since the olden days. Up to now, the price of silk is still quite high. There are different types of silk. But mulberry silk is the most commercial. It is the best silk fiber woven; that is why mulberry silk is woven. That is why mulberry silk is generally called silk. 

Silk fabric has a texture so soft and smooth, light, cool and comfy to wear. That is why it is mostly used for pajamas, headscarves, dresses etc. Silk somewhat has a triangular prism-like structure. Silk fabric can be gotten from a natural fiber produced from “silkworms,” generally mulberry silk. The very structure of silk fiber permits the refraction of light at different angles in silk cloth, resulting in different colors. 

Differences Between Poly Satin Pajamas And Silk Mulberry Pajamas  


  • Pricing for silk: Silk is quite expensive to produce. It is a luxurious fabric. Due to this, the price of mulberry silk pajamas is high. It takes a lot to afford mulberry silk pajamas pieces. Trust me; it is worth it. Beautiful things about mulberry silk Pajamas are that it is usually warm and cozy in winter and comfortably cool when the temperature rises. Sleeping with silk mulberry pajamas has a way of helping you slide into beautiful dreams. 
  • Pricing for poly satin: As for satin Pajamas, the price is usually one-third to one-half that of silk. Reason being that it is relatively easy to produce in very large quantities because the source is quite inexpensive, making it quite affordable. 


  • Production of silk mulberry pajamas: Silk is gotten from the natural silk protein filament. Usually gotten when silkworm is producing its cocoon. The fiber of every silk is gotten from 3-4 of these silk filament that gathers together to form silk fabric in an enormous of momme weight. 
  • Production of poly satin pajamas: This is a man-made fabric produced from polymer. It is mainly produced from oil that has the same chemical make-up as plastic bottles. 

Reaction to skin and hair  

  • How silk mulberry pajamas react to skin and hair: Generally, silk has natural hypoallergenic properties. Hypoallergenic properties of silk mean that it is a natural antifungal, mite and other allergens materials/substances. Silk is closely woven, which makes it quite uncomfortable for microbes. The hypoallergenic nature of silk has been linked to its ability to ease conditions like asthma and eczema. Silk mulberry pajamas have a great immunity against microbes and do not contain harmful trace chemicals. It has a great ability to resist deterioration and mold. The smooth and soft surface help prevent hair from drizzling and split ends and controls the thinning of hair. 
  • How poly satin pajamas react to skin: It gives almost the same benefit to your skin and hair as silk pajamas. It offers modern conveniences despite being a synthetic fiber. It has is a way of giving you the same satisfying sleep same way silk mulberry pajamas do. 


As highlighted in this article, Satin and silk pajamas differ in a few ways, even though they look quite similar. You can see that silk mulberry pajamas are warm and cozy in winter and quite comfortably cool when the temperature increases. On the other hand, poly satin pajamas, although polyester still enhances a comfortable sleep, despite its ability to retain moisture being between 0.2 to 0.8 percent. These pajamas can help you say goodbye to bad skin days and make you dive into a soothing night rest you sole richly deserve



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