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How Do Silk Fabric, Silk Yarn Come From?

Over the years, most people have fancied silk fabric so much because it is a luxurious piece of material. However, only a few know about the origin and history of this fabric. In this post, you will discover all the information you need to know about silk fabric and its


How does silk help your skin?

No doubt, silk beddings offers great benefits on the skin. It improves sleep quality, reduces vaginal yeast infection, increases hair growth and has an impressive antiwrinkle effect. This leaves you with the beautiful and young skin. Give it a trial. 


The Difference Between Silk And Mulberry Silk

After wearing silk for so many years, do you really understand silk?
Every time you buy apparel or household goods, the salesperson will tell you that this is silk fabric, but why is this luxurious fabric at a different price? What is the difference between silk and silk?


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