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The Difference Between Silk And Mulberry Silk

After wearing silk for so many years, do you really understand silk?

Every time you buy apparel or household goods, the salesperson will tell you that this is silk fabric, but why is this luxurious fabric at a different price? What is the difference between silk and silk?

Small problem: how is silk different from silk?

In fact, silk has a silk component, an easy-to-understand distinction. Silk contains silk, but there are also types of silk. If they are hard to distinguish, they can only be separated from the fiber component.

Silk is actually silk

In apparel that the general public contacts, it is usually said that this dress is made of silk fabric, but when appraising the composition of the apparel, silk = 100% mulberry silk. That is to say, how much silk is contained in silk.

Of course, in addition to silk components, there are many other blended fabrics. We know that there are many types of silk, such as mulberry silk, Shuanggong mulberry silk, pressed silk, and celestial silk. . Different silks have different prices and have different characteristics, and silk fabrics with added silk have a unique luster “silk”, smooth feel, comfortable to wear, luxurious and elegant.

The main ingredient of silk is one of animal fibers, and the most primitive weaving process of our common silk uses a lot of mulberry silk, also known as “real silk”.

Silk can generally refer to silk, but it does not exclude other chemical fibers and silk fabrics with various fiber characteristics to blend.

After the continuous advancement of weaving arts, people added different fabric ingredients, so that the texture and shape of silk are greatly different, and the fabric itself visible to the naked eye also has a variety of presentation methods



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