What’s the difference between 19mm, 22mm, 25mm for a silk pillowcase?

When considering buying silk pillowcases, one term that’s not so familiar that you will definitely come across is momme. Momme, which is commonly abbreviated as mm, is a Japanese word used as a unit in weight measurement and quality of real silk, just as the quality of the cotton sheet is measured in thread, real silk is measured in momme. This article takes a detailed look at the differences between 19mm, 22mm, 25mm for a silk pillowcase. Read to find out more. 

What is Momme(mm)?

Momme is defined as the weight of a piece of fabric in pounds that is sized 45 inches by 100 yards. For instance, if a fabric’s weight is listed as 6mm in momme, it then means that the 100 yards of fabric weigh 6 pounds. One momme equals 4.340 grams per square meter. An eight momme fabric weighs approximately 1 ounce per square yard or 35 grams per square meter.

The higher the momme, the denser and heavier the weave of the silk fabric will be, and the higher the quality also. It will also be stronger and more durable, able to endure laundry washes and night rests. 

During the production of silk, the density and yarn count of the silk thread will be adjusted by the factory to control the weight or momme of the silk. For instance, in the 30 mommecharmeuse pillowcase, the fiber is woven tighter together than a pillowcase with a lower momme. 

Silk fabrics with higher mommes are produced with thicker yarn.

Range of Momme

The range of momme weight for silk weaves starts from a minimum of 3 momme to a maximum of 40 momme. Below are the name classifications of momme weights

Gauze3 to 5 momme weight
Organza 4 to 6 momme weight
Chiffon6 to 8 momme weight
Crepe de Chine12 to 16 momme weight
Charmeuse12 to 30 momme weight
Raw silk35 to 40 momme weight

A piece of silk fabric with a momme weight of 17mm or lower is considered to be a lightweight fabric. Typically, lightweight fabrics are used for delicate products that are meant to be used gently, such as summer scarves and light blouses. 20 momme to 28 momme weight is considered as midweight fabric. The charmeuse fabric (12 to 30 momme weight) is typically used in making silk pillowcases and sheets. 

If the momme weight of the silk fabric is above 28 momme, it is considered heavyweight. A lot of silk sheets and beddings are produced with charmeuse silk fabric. It is a type of fabric with a weave that has a dull finish on its back, and the front has extra luster and shine. It is commonly used to produce items whose front and back don’t need to be showcased, such as sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.

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Difference between 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm for a silk pillowcase:

The percentage of silk per square inch of a 22 mm silk is almost 20% higher than that of a 19 mm silk. The higher momme weight also implies that the weave is denser, and this denser weave helps to protect the sheen and luster of the silk. This gives room for stronger durability. 

The lifespan of a pure silk sheet with 22 mm weight is estimated to be double that of silk sheets with lower momme weights. Although it is thicker than the 19 mm silk, the 22 mm silk is just as soft as the 19 mm, and it has a shinier appearance.

Pure silk sheets with momme weight of 19 mm are a great blend of durability, sophistication, and luxury. They are affordable, and are made for daily use, and can withstand routine laundering. If taken proper care of, the sheen, usability, and luster of the 19 mm silk will last for a good period. Just like the 22 mm silk, the 19 mm silk is seamless and smooth.

The percentage of silk per square inch of a 25 mm silk is 30% more than that of a 19 mm silk. With proper care and proper laundering, the 25 mm silk sheet can last for about 10 years. The 25 mm silk is known for its luxury and elegance. The 25 mm silk sheet can be used for things like wedding bedding, engagement celebrations, and anniversary gifts.

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Importance of knowing the Momme of Pillowcases and sheets

A lot of the silk bed linens, such as pillowcases and sheets, are made from silk with mid-weight momme range between 18 momme to 3o momme. As already stated above, the higher the momme weight of the silk, the more durable the weave of the fabric will be, and also, it will be more luxurious. It will also be more appropriate for heavy-duty use, and it will have a longer life span. Heavier silks can withstand repeated washing, but all silks can be washed. The heavier the silk, the more opaque it is. The products with lighter weights, such as pillowcases, are made from silk with a momme weight of 19 mm. The charmeuse silk (12 momme to 30 momme weight) is comfortable, soft, and affordable.

Knowing the momme weight will help make an informed decision to suit one’s comfort, style, and budget.

Advantages of Silk Fabric with high Momme

Silk fabrics with 100% pure silk have better quality and are heavier, more durable, and softer. It is advantageous for pillowcases because silk helps to reduce sleep wrinkles, keeps the skin and hair moisturized, helps regulate the temperature of the body, and is healthful. For beddings, the higher the momme weight, the better the bedding. If the silk momme weight is below 19mm, it is not suitable for producing silk bed linen.



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